Thursday, 27 December 2012


For all you there is a gift for you= jewelry necklace.
I tough that reason why we get it is because new philosophy is out..bout it is not true coz event non super star get it,,(yay ^.^ )..some people say that reason is because they join club askpaulinagirl,bout i am not in it ,bout still i got the necklace...however join in-you cant loose anything..
askpaulinagirl RC
You should find it in starplaza bag,by your closet.
What a great gift,I really like it ;D ..and you?


FRIDAY, APRIL 24, 2009


New Free dress!

How to get the dress above:
1. Enter this into your url bar:

2. Don't press enter yet! After the ''u='' ,in the link above, you should type in your Stardoll user ID. You can find the number under ''my account''.
3. Press go or enter.

4. Fill in the form at the bottom, you don't need to use real info or even a real e-mail address.

5. Press submit and you should find a bag in your suite!

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